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Ashburn Psychological and Psychiatric Services offers assessments and testing for children and teens who struggle academically. Our practice often receives calls from parents concerned about learning and motivation problems for their children and teens. Often, these parents report that their child or teen is intelligent but struggles academically. Parents might feel that their child or teen lacks motivation or is lazy, but these parents have struggled unsuccessfully to pinpoint the problem and/or the solution. At times, learning problems and motivation problems for children and teens can lead to greater problems down the road, including strained family relationships.

A comprehensive assessment of your child or teen’s academic core content areas will serve to identify if your child or teen has a formal learning disability or learning disorder or if there is something else that is interfering with his/her learning and academic performance. Additional standardized and objective testing measures will also serve to identify and rule-out other possible contributing problems. More specifically, ADHD, anxiety, gaming or on-line addiction, depression and other issues can negatively impact a student’s motivation and academics. the doctors and clinicians who practice at Ashburn Psychological and Psychiatric Services are here to diagnose and treat a broad range of educational and emotional conditions. Testing will provide you and your child or teen with a road map for direction toward positive change and improved functioning.

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