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Mr. Tom Walker of Aspen Education Group and Sierra Tucson met with members of the Ashburn Psychological Services team to discuss ways in which the two organizations could work together better to serve children, teens and families in need. Aspen offers a nationwide network of centers including: residential treatment centers, outdoor behavioral health, therapeutic boarding schools, special needs summer camps and young adult programs. Ashburn Psychological Services has had a wonderful relationship with Aspen for years. To learn more about Aspen and Sierra Tucson’s services, please contact Mr. Tom Walker at: (703) 850-5204. We also invite you to visit Apspen at http://www.aspeneducation.com

Dr. Michael Oberschneider
Founder and Director
Ashburn Psychological Services

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Kathleen Goughler of the Aspen Education Group met with Dr. Margaret Wong, Dr. Al Jerome, Dr. Michael Oberschneider and Christine Kutt of Ashburn Psychological Services to discuss ways in which the two groups could work together more to support families in need. Aspen Education Group has a host of boarding schools, residential treatment programs and wilderness programs throughout the country.  Aspen’s many programs serve children, adolescents and young adults in situations where more than local outpatient care and treatment is warratned.  For more information about Aspen Education Group’s programs, we invite you to call Ms. Goughler at:  (610) 906-9582.

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