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We hope you are able to attend Easy Street’s upcoming wine and cheese fundraiser! Easy Street, LLC is a non-profit organization based in Loudoun County that supports young adults with High Functioning Autism or Asperger’s Disorder and their families. Navigating the important aspects of life after high school can be a very real challenge for individuals with High Functioning Autism or Asperger’s Disorder, so let Easy Street help you pave the way.

Dr. Allison Jack of GW’s Autism Institute will be the evening’s guest speaker and Dr. Michael Oberschneider, Easy Street’s chief mental health advisor, will also be on hand. Of course, Ms. Pam Ruddy, Easy Street’s Founder and Director will be hosting the event. Without Pam’s hard work and dedication to supporting individuals with Asperger’s Disorder, none of this would’ve been possible!

The event is free, and we invite you to donate to this wonderful, and very needed, organization in support of young adults with High Functioning Autism or Asperger’s Disorder in our area.

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Ashburn Psychological and Psychiatric Services is pleased to announce that we are running several social skills groups for children and teens on the autistic spectrum. Currently we are running a group for pre-teen’s diagnosed with Asperger’s Disorder and a group for teens diagnosed with Asperger’s Disorder. We will be starting a third group for younger children with high functioning autism in the coming weeks.

Our groups are 60 minutes long and are run by 2 doctoral level psychologists with specialty training in autism. One psychologist facilitates the child or teen group and the other psychologist facilities a parent meeting simultaneously. We feel that this is the best approach since both the children and parents get something out of each group experience. The groups have individualized goals, but the focus of the group is not overly scripted or structured; rather each group’s work varies and is based on what the needs of the group members are at the time.

To learn more about our social skills groups, we invite you to call our office manager, Christine Kutt, at (703) 723-2999.

We looking forward to hearing from you and supporting your child or teen’s needs to greater success!!!

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Developmental Testing Ashburn, VA

Developmental testing examines and analyzes what an infant or toddler can and cannot do using a standardized set of questions, procedures and methods. The results of these inquiries can be quantified. This information helps parents and clinicians understand how a child compares to a population of children who are developing normally and points to developmental domains that need intervention.

As children develop, some may demonstrate social, communication and problem solving skills at a slower or inconsistent rate, which in turn, impedes their development. Developmental testing will serve to identify if a child is experiencing within normal range weaknesses or more pervasive deficits/impairment (e.g. Autism or Asperger’s Disorder). Sensory Processing Disorder, Hyperlexia and other pervasive developmental delays or conditions are identified through developmental testing.

Ashburn Psychological Services developmental testing assesses language, social skills, motor skills, attachment, memory, sense of self and family dynamics. Parents are given a “map” that helps them understand their child’s unique temperament, developmental strengths and needs, sensory responsiveness, and preferred ways of playing and interacting. This tool helps parents to read and understand their child’s non-verbal signals and to respond appropriately. Early detection of delays or inconsistencies in development can help set-up the proper care and treatment to put children on the right path.

Dr. Margaret Wong, Dr. Amy Gordon, Dr. Rachel Martell and Dr. Shalini Wahi are the practices main evaluators. We invite you to visit us at http://www.ashburnpsych.com to review their impressive credentials and experience as psychologists and neuropsychologists.

We invite you to contact our office manager, Christine Kutt, at (703) 723-2999 to schedule a consultation with our team of pediatric and child evaluators.

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Ashburn Psychological Services provides the most advanced, state of the art assessment and treatment for autism. As a multidisciplinary team, we start with a comprehensive assessment conducted either by one of our highly credentialed child psychiatrist’s or neuropsychologist’s. Developmental and neuropsychological testing is sometimes warranted for diagnostic clarification inasmuch as autism can look like other conditions and vice versa — Asperger’s Disorder, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, NOS, Communication Disorder and and other developmental conditions. Diagnostic testing is typically required for private or public school placement and instruction, including accommodations and supports.

Treatment is then individualized to the care and needs of the client. Treatment may include medication, therapy and/or parent consultation and guidance.

To schedule a consultation with our team, please contact our office manager, Christine Kutt, at (703) 723-2999.

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With our children and teens back to school, Ashburn Psychological Services is presently accepting applications for our next series of social skills groups. Our social skills group programs are run by highly credentialed psychologists, are small and are tailored to the individual needs of each child or teen (e.g., age, level of functioning, diagnosis, etc.) of the client. If your child or teen is struggling and has Autism, Asperger’s Disorder, or Anxiety, we invite you to call our office manager, Ms. Christine Kutt, at (703) 723-2999 or contact her by email at info@ashburnpsych.com.

We at APS look forward to helping your child or teenager gain more confidence and improve their social skills!

Our social skills groups are run by Dr. Maggie Avedisian, Ms. Morganne Owens (our newest team member!) and Dr. Michael Oberschneider.

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Carla O’Brien “Coach Carla” Visits Ashburn Psychological Services

ADHD and Life Coach, Ms. Carla O’Brien “Coach Carla,” recently visited with our director, Dr. Michael Oberschneider, to discuss the ways in which their two practices can work together more closely in supporting Loudoun County children, teens and adults with ADHD, Autism and Asperger’s Disorder. Coach Carla offers a unique combination of supports and strategies, including equine assisted coaching. For certain individuals, working with horses has proven to be a very effective approach for improving emotional and behavioral regulation, empathy, self-esteem and social skills. Below is an excerpt on equine coaching from Coach Carla’s Website:

Equine Facilitated Coaching for people living with ADHD, is an incredible way to improve your life! My Equine Coach exercises are specially designed to help you remove that “fog” that can keep you confused as to why you can’t complete certain projects, or find the motivation to even get started!

When you have ADHD it takes more than willpower to do better! You need awareness, goals, and accountability. When working with me, you will attain much needed life skills to achieve your dream life, long after our sessions are over!

When you work with my Equine Coaches you learn to recognize when you are getting out of control, and self manage back to an acceptable energy level. You will better read social situations and finally be able to have more friends. . By having to organize to get tasks done with the Equine Coaches, you will learn how you best work, and carry that design into organizing anything in your life.

This is just a few of the ways Equine Facilitated Coaching can help you with your ADHD. Step out of the doctor’s offices and into nature, to learn to be and do your best ! And you will have tons of fun while doing it!

To learn more about Coach Carla and her services, we invite you to visit her at: http://www.coachcarla.net.

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