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Ms. Jennifer Sexton of Virginia Home Based Counseling met with Dr. Amy Gordon, Dr. Margaret Wong, Dr. Maggie Avedisian, Dr.Joseph Novello and Dr. Michael Oberschneider of Ashburn Psychological Services to discuss ways in which the two groups could work together more closely to support Northern Virginia families in need.

Virginia Home Based Counseling is a State Licensed Intensive In-Home Service program that provides therapeutic intervention to families with children who are at risk for an out of home placement due to the child’s mental, behavioral, or emotional disorder. Intensive in-home services are an effective way to address the situation within the individual’s environment and to produce change. The program provides therapeutic services designed to reduce disruptive, problematic, or risky behavior and seeks to empower parents to develop and lead healthier lives.

The primary goal of this program is to preserve the family unit and prevent the unnecessary placement of children outside of their homes or community.

For more information about Virginia Home Based Counseling, we invite you to contact Ms. Sexton at (703) 930-9607 or Ms. Sarah Bryant at (703) 861-0201. You can also learn more about their services by visiting them at:


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Ms. Noreine Filipkowski of Cumberland Hospital met with Dr. Maggie Avedisian, Dr. Margaret Wong, Dr. Amy Gordon, Dr. Joseph Novello and Dr. Michael Oberschneider to discuss ways in which the two agencies can work together better to support Virginia children and adolescents with significant medical and physical disabilities, injuries and/or lifelong illnesses. To learn more about Cumberland Hospital’s in-patient and residential facilities, we invite you to visit them at: http://www.cumberlandhospital.com or at (800) 368-3472.

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Developmental Testing Ashburn, VA

Developmental testing examines and analyzes what an infant or toddler can and cannot do using a standardized set of questions, procedures and methods. The results of these inquiries can be quantified. This information helps parents and clinicians understand how a child compares to a population of children who are developing normally and points to developmental domains that need intervention.

As children develop, some may demonstrate social, communication and problem solving skills at a slower or inconsistent rate, which in turn, impedes their development. Developmental testing will serve to identify if a child is experiencing within normal range weaknesses or more pervasive deficits/impairment (e.g. Autism or Asperger’s Disorder). Sensory Processing Disorder, Hyperlexia and other pervasive developmental delays or conditions are identified through developmental testing.

Ashburn Psychological Services developmental testing assesses language, social skills, motor skills, attachment, memory, sense of self and family dynamics. Parents are given a “map” that helps them understand their child’s unique temperament, developmental strengths and needs, sensory responsiveness, and preferred ways of playing and interacting. This tool helps parents to read and understand their child’s non-verbal signals and to respond appropriately. Early detection of delays or inconsistencies in development can help set-up the proper care and treatment to put children on the right path.

Dr. Margaret Wong, Dr. Amy Gordon, Dr. Rachel Martell and Dr. Shalini Wahi are the practices main evaluators. We invite you to visit us at http://www.ashburnpsych.com to review their impressive credentials and experience as psychologists and neuropsychologists.

We invite you to contact our office manager, Christine Kutt, at (703) 723-2999 to schedule a consultation with our team of pediatric and child evaluators.

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Attorney, John Whitbeck, and fellow attorney, Kristin Quirk, met with Ashburn Psychological Services team members to discuss their special education law practice in Loudoun County. Mr. Whitbeck is a highly regarded Northern Virginia attorney who is now offering special education law services through his Leesburg practice, Whitbeck and Cisneros, P.C., and in coordination with his associates. Mr. Whitbeck and his team are offering special education advocacy and legal representation to Northern Virginia families in need. Students with learning disorders (e.g., dyslexia, math, writing), neurodevelopmental disorders (e.g., ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s) and emotional and behavioral struggles may benefit from the assistance of a special education attorney in working with the school system. Dr. Joseph Novello, Dr. Margaret Wong, Dr. Maggie Avedisian, Dr. Amy Gordon, Dr. Al Jerome and Dr. Michael Oberschneider were on hand to meet with Mr. Whitbeck and Ms. Quirk.

To learn more about Mr. Whitbeck and Ms. Quirk, we invite you to visit http://www.whitbecklegal.com or call (703) 777-1795.

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This is an excellent time of year to have your child or adolescent assessed and tested for learning struggles in math, reading and/or writing, as well as developmental, speech and language, auditory processing, behavioral or emotional concerns. It’s still Summer so your child’s stress level is lower than it likely would be during the school year. Moreover, having your parental concerns addressed and your child’s struggles fulling identified now will put you well ahead of the curve for a successful school year. There are various types of testing to consider:

Neuropsychological Testing

Developmental Testing

ADHD Testing

Math Testing

Reading Testing

Writing Testing

Speech and Language

Auditory Processing

Sensory Processing Testing

Emotional Testing

Behavioral Testing

Depending on your child’s needs, Ashburn Psychological Services team of highly credentialed doctoral level evaluators are here to help you. We invite you to call our office manager, Christine Kutt, at (703) 723-2999 to discuss your child or adolescents needs and how we might best be of service to you. We also invite you to visit us at http://www.ashburnpsych.com to learn more about the different types of assessments and testings offered at Ashburn Psychological Services.

Our evaluators: Dr. Margaret Wong, Dr. Amy Gordon, Dr. Shalini Wahi, Dr Rachel Martell, Dr. Michael Oberschneider and Dr. Maggie Avedisian’s biographies can also be reviewed at http://www.ashburnpsych.com.

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Mr. Stuart Ritchie, a reprsentative of Pamlab, provided a presentation on Deplin at Ashburn Psychological Services. Deplin is a L-Methlyfolate, which is currently being used by many psychiatrists in combination with antipressants to treat Major Depressive Disorder. Research on Deplin has shown positive results as an adjunctive medication in the treatment of depression. Dr. Imram Akram, Dr. Margaret Wong, Dr. Amy Gordon and Dr. Maggie Avedisian of the team hosted Mr. Ritchie for his informative presentation. Christine Kutt, our office manager, and Ivy Hunter, our Marketing Manager, were also present.

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Ms. Peggy Kearney, President of Education Edge, met with Dr. Amy Gordon, Dr. Al Jerome, Dr. Imran Akram, Dr. Michael Oberschneider and Ms. Christine Kutt to discuss ways in which Education Edge and Ashburn Psychological Services can work together more to support our local families. Education Edge is a private tutoring company that provides a host of services. We invite you to visit: www.educationedgepk.com to learn more about Ms. Kearney and her company’s services.

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