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Our Director, Dr. Michael Oberschneider, was interviewed by CNN reporter, Moni Basu, about the state of affairs in America. On the eve of President Obama’s inauguration, Ms. Basu’s piece focuses on opinions in Loudoun County, where she interviewed several Loudoun County residents. We invite you to click on the link below to read the article.


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Dr. Joseph Novello is currently accepting new patients at Ashburn Psychological Services. Among his many accomplishments, Dr. Novello has been entered into the “Best Doctors in America” 2011-2012 database for his work as a child and adult psychiatrist. He is also a Washingtonian Magazine “Top Psychiatrist.” Dr. Novello has also authored 7 books and is often in the media, appearing on Larry King Live, Goodmorning America, Nightline, the Today Show and other popular media spots. He also hosted “The Family Doctor” radio show, which was syndiated in over 700 cities nationwide for many years. It is an honor to have Dr. Novello on the team for psychiatric consultation, assessment and treatment in Loudoun County.

To review Dr. Novello’s biography, please visit: http://www.ashburnpsych.com. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Novello, please call our office mananger, Christine Kutt, at: (703) 723-2999.

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Our Director, Dr. Michael Oberschneider, met with Dr. Neeta Goel and her team at Inova Family Medicine Ashburn to discuss ways Inova Family Medicine and Ashburn Psychological Services could work together more closely in supporting Loudoun County children, adolescents and adults with mental health needs. For more information on Dr. Neeta Goel or Dr. Jocelyn Serrano of Inova Family Medicine Ashburn, please contact: (703) 858-3140.

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Dr. Oberschneider is writing a monthly advice column for the Ashburn Patch and the Blue Ridge Leader and Loudoun Today. The Ashburn Patch is a wonderful on-line Website and resource for Ashburn events and news. The Blue Ridge Leader and Loudoun Today is Western Loudoun’s oldest newspaper, and is a real new gem for our community.  Ask Dr. Mike focuses on a host of topics and has been very well received by Loudoun County residents.  Dr. Oberschneider previously wrote his column for the Loudoun Easterner before it closed its doors in 2009, and he has written mental health pieces as a psychologist for others, including the Washington Post.  We invite you to read Dr. Oberschneider’s most recent pieces by visiting the links below.  



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  • Dr. Joseph Novello was nominated, “Top Doc,” in the Washingtonian Magazine and Virginia Living Magazine for his work as a psychiatrist with children and adults.  Dr. Novello was also nominated into the “Best Doctor’s in America” 2011-2012 database for psychiatry.
  • Dr. Michael Oberschneider appeared on Good Morning America as a mental health expert to discuss bullying and teen suicide.
  • Dr. Oberschneider published several articles on various topics in Loudoun County newspapers and was featured in the magazine, Northern Virginia, and on the Website, Ashburn Patch.
  • Dr. Albert Jerome was invited by the Discovery Network to appear as a treatment expert on an episode of the popular show, Hoarding: Buried Alive.  The episode was filmed in 2010 and will be shown on the Discovery Learning Channel in early 2011.
  • Dr. Novello, Dr. Imran Akram, Dr. Amy Gordon, Dr. Margaret Wong, Dr. Albert Jerome, Dr. Maggie Avedisian and Dr. Michael Oberschneider hosted a panel presentation and discussion on Bipolar Affective Disorder and Depression at the Potomac Club in Lansdowne.
  • Dr. Jay Lucker presented seminars for continuing education credit all over the U.S. on the topic of “Helping Children with Auditory Processing Disorders.”  He continues to present seminars on a monthly basis on this topic.  You can find out more by going to www.pesi.com and searching under LUCKER for upcoming seminars from the East Coast to the West Coast and from North to South.
  • Dr. Lucker was the invited keynote speaker and presented a full day seminar at the Canadian Speech-Language-Hearing Association 2010 convention.  He spoke on his specialty topic of Auditory Processing Disorders.
  • Dr. Lucker was an invited speaker and the keynote speaker at the FRUA 2010 Fall Conference in Philadelphia and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  He spoke on the topic of Auditory Processing Disorders in Internationally Adopted Children.
  • Dr. Lucker was one of the invited speakers at the 2010 Annual Convention of the Maryland Speech-Language-Hearing Association.  He spoke on the topic of The Use of Sound Interventions and Auditory Training Programs for Children with Auditory Processing Disorders.
  • Dr. Lucker was one of the invited speakers presenting the closing seminar for all attendees at the K.S. & A. 2010 Summer Conference.  He spoke on the topic of Auditory Processing Disorders in Children with XY Chromosome Variations.
  • Dr. Lucker presented a webinar on Developing Listening Skills in Children with Cochlear Implants a number of times during the 2010 year.  He also presented a seminar on Developing Auditory Processing Skills in Children with XY Chromosome Variations as the Holiday Special Webinar this Christmas 2010.


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Dr. Michael Oberschneider, the director of Ashburn Psychological Services, visited with the directors of the Open Door Learning Center and the Aurora School at the Margaret Paxton Memorial Learning and Resource Campus in Leesburg, VA.  The Open Door Learning Center is a new preschool in Leesburg that teaches children with developmental delays and neurotypical children from 2 to 6 years of age.  The Open Door Learning Center program is impressive, as their staff is comprised of occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, and Board Certified Behavioral Analysts (BCBA’s), as well as credentialed teachers in various areas of instruction.  They provide hands-on learning, individual lesson plans, inclusive classrooms, a small student to teacher ratio (5 to 1), certified teachers, muti-cultural themes, art, movement and communcation groups, as well as math and science enrichment.  Dr. Oberschneider was impressed with the high caliber of the staff, the setting and the all inclusive classrooms.  The dedication of the team and the care to lesson planning and teaching children was also apparent.

The Margaret Paxton Memorial Learning and Resource Campus also houses the Aurora School and the Arc of Loudoun County.  The Aurora School serves students between the ageas of 2 and 22 years with developmental delays, autism, mental retardation, speech and language impairment, taumatic brain injury and other disablites.  Aurora successfully educates students who were unable to reach their potential in the public school environment and system.  The Aurora School is a private non-profit organization.  Aurora is a CSA provider licensed to operate by the Virginia Department of Education.

The Arc of Loudoun County, also housed on the campus, adovactes for persons with disabilities by promoting individual support and equitable participation with their non-disabled peers in all aspects of community life, including education, residence, vocation and healthcare.  Their goal is to secure the full range of human and civil rights for children and adults with disabilities.

The team at Ashburn Psychological Services is commited to developing a stronger relatiosnhip with the Arc of Loudoun County, the Open Door Learning Center and the Aurora School in supporting our families in need in Loudoun County. 

For futher information on the Open Door Learning Center, the Aurora School or the Arc of Loudoun County, please call (703) 777-1939 or visit the following Webpages:  http://www.thearcofloudoun.org/index.html and http://www.opendoorlearningcenter.org/index.html

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Congratulations to Dr. Joseph Novello for being recognized in the 2010 Washingtonian Magazine “Top Doctors” edition as a leading psychiatrist in the areas of child and adult psychiatry. Dr. Novello is a nationally renowned psychiatrist and his bio is listed below for your review. Dr. Novello is the only psychiatrist in all of Loudoun County to receive this esteemed honor.

Joseph R. Novello, M.D., practices adult and child/adolescent psychiatry and is also a qualified expert in forensic psychiatry and has participated in a wide range of civil and criminal cases. Dr. Novello also practices and is a leading expert in the field of hypnosis. He received his M.D. from the University of Michigan and his B.A. from University of Notre Dame. He has served as the director of child and adolescent services at The Psychiatric Institute of Washington and was founder of the Gateway, a residential treatment program for alcohol and drug abuse.

Dr. Novello has authored two textbooks on psychiatry and has contributed several scientific papers to the medical literature. In addition, he has written three popular books for parents. His featured column, “You and Your Child”, appeared each week in Woman’s World magazine for many years. Dr. Novello’s most recent book, The Myth of More, is about finding happiness in life by overcoming character flaws called “lifetraps” and discovering spiritual values.

Dr. Novello has received numerous awards, including election to the American College of Psychiatrists and Fellowship in the American Psychiatric Association. He has also received a Best Doctors in America Award and the Medallion of the US Surgeon General. Georgetown University, where he is a member of the clinical faculty, has honored him with its Vicennial Award. Dr. Novello has been a consultant to the National Naval Medical Center and the Inter-American Development Bank and has served as health issues advisor to US Senator John Warner of Virginia.

Dr. Novello is well-known to the general public through his media activities. In Washington, he has hosted his own daily radio call-in program on WMAL and his regular feature “The Family Doctor” has appeared on WJLA-TV News. Dr. Novello has also been active in the media on the national level. His syndicated radio program Healthtime has been heard daily in over 300 cities and he has often appeared on network and cable TV news programs and talk shows as well as programs such as Nightline, Good Morning America and The Today Show.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Novello, please contact our office manager, Laura Cusumano, at (703) 723-2999.

Dr. Oberschneider, Director, Ashburn Psychological Services

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